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You read it correctly, I'm announcing my departure from Stop-and-Swap as Co-Founder. There's not much I can do to keep the steam rolling. If Kay and the other Co-Founders aren't active enough to do their job running this group, who is? Someone has to be in charge with the entries and overall QUALITY, because it's not going to be me. This is quick and simple, it was fun for a while but I have to go.
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Tharja and Nowi Body Swap by Widowmaker-Evan
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Tharja and Nowi Body Swap :iconwidowmaker-evan:Widowmaker-Evan 33 2
MLP Body Swap 5 by CM-The-Artist MLP Body Swap 5 :iconcm-the-artist:CM-The-Artist 15 3 MLP Body Swap 20 by CM-The-Artist MLP Body Swap 20 :iconcm-the-artist:CM-The-Artist 15 5 MLP Body Swap 23 by CM-The-Artist MLP Body Swap 23 :iconcm-the-artist:CM-The-Artist 17 6 MLP Body Swap 19 by CM-The-Artist MLP Body Swap 19 :iconcm-the-artist:CM-The-Artist 19 17 MLP Body Swap 18 by CM-The-Artist MLP Body Swap 18 :iconcm-the-artist:CM-The-Artist 15 4 MLP Body Swap 17 by CM-The-Artist MLP Body Swap 17 :iconcm-the-artist:CM-The-Artist 15 33 Female Link by SatinMinions Female Link :iconsatinminions:SatinMinions 214 4
Renabration (Renamon Body Swap TG)
I clacked away once more at the keys of my keyboard as I looked at my Deviantart account. To my shock, I found that I had just reached 10,000 views! I scratched my chin with my index finger, as I pondered on what to do next. How should I celebrate? Should I get drunk and play Skyrim for eight hours? Should I beat up Phil? Should I write a poem about the inner-workings of Dragon's Crown? Should I go on a magical quest to find seven wish-granting orbs? I sat there impatiently, and continued to stew in my thoughts. What could I possibly do that I haven't done already? Just as I was about to give up hope on writing something new and unique, I heard the garbage cans at the back of my house fall over.
It was that stupid neighborhood cat again, I knew it! Even Ziggy wouldn't pull this kind of crap, all he ever does is steal my body! That other cat likes to knock over my trash cans constantly, he's much more of a pain than Ziggy was! I got off the chair, and walked briskly down the stairs. I t
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 85 63
Helping out a Friend! by KayTheYatagarasu Helping out a Friend! :iconkaytheyatagarasu:KayTheYatagarasu 128 60
Take my eyes and see for me
A million shattered rainbows
Take my voice and speak for me
So my words will sound whole again
Take my ears and hear for me
Sweet, nostalgic melodies
Take my nose and smell for me
The richness of the earth
Take my hands and lead me
To a world of colour,
And love me as if
I was her
:iconmixypi:mixyPI 5 3
Fabulous Switch by Cioccolatodorima Fabulous Switch :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 813 67 Q35: Switched Bodies by Ask-2p-DenNor Q35: Switched Bodies :iconask-2p-dennor:Ask-2p-DenNor 18 56
Brotherhood gone bonkers 6
"Shall I really tell them or not?" Locke mumbled when he walked through the corridors. New discoveries normally were shared with the rest of the Brotherhood but in this case he wasn't sure if it was a good idea - at least for now as long as he hadn't figured out completely how it worked and had thought about a good excuse where he got it from. Not that it was from a forbidden place but he still didn't want to experience their reactions if they found out he put himself in danger just for a little bit of exploring Echidna history. But what if he told them an outright lie and then they somehow were able to find out where it actually came from? Wasn't it better to stick with the truth anyways?
In the kitchen Thunderhawk tried to make the coffee machine work but to no avail.
"Nope", he told Athair who was standing beside him with a coffee cup in his hands, "still nothing. It looks like Locke put a child safety device on it so that our big baby Spectre won't ever be tempted to take another C
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 2 1
SPELL: Body switch
What is mine is yours and what is yours is mine
Let our spirits cross the line
I offer up my body to share
Switch our souls through the air
:iconzegwarian310:Zegwarian310 6 1
Axis Powers Body Swap
•Axis Powers Body Swap•
Germany is in Japan's body
Italy is in Germany's body
Japan is in Italy's body
-Germany opens his eyes and stretches, only to discover that he's not in his house, he's at Japan's-
Germany: What am I doing here? Was there a party or something? I don't remember...
-Germany walks past a mirror and looks at it in shock. His short blonde hair was now longer and black, his blue eyes were now dark brown. His height drastically changed.-
-Panicking, Germany throws on some clothes that he'd guess Japan would wear and runs out if Japan's house, dialing Italy's cell phone number as fast as he could.-
•Italy's POV•
-Italy's cell phone rings, stirring Italy out of sleep.-
Italy: Ciao, this is Italy!
Germany: Why do you sound like me?!
Italy: Why do you sound like Japan?!
Germany: That doesn't matter, I'll explain
:iconxxask-mr-chairxx:xXAsk-Mr-ChairXx 44 17


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